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Cybertech TriMod

Retail $595.00
Online Price $449.00

Medicare Billing Code L0637
Actual Item shipped is Black

The Cybertech TriMod is a highly effective orthosis that adjusts to patients needs as their bodies heal, simply by removing panels from the rigid frame. Cybertech's formula for success is their

Incredible support, Rigid Stability and Intercavitary pressure.

Cybertech TriMod Features and Benefits:
Rigid Unibody Frame provides superior Posterior and Lateral support. Patented pulley system smoothly deliver 6 times more power to maximize compression. 1-hand, 1-second adjustability provides patient convenience to allow for standing or sitting. This puts the patient in control - which leads to greater compliance. Single front fabric fastener makes it easy to don and doff. Lightweight, impeccable contruction with breathable side panels, insure greater comfort and compliance. Interchangeable TriMod component sizes insure proper patient fit.

Fitting and User Instructions: Orthotist Instructions
Attach the brace to the TriMod Posterior Frame by sliding panel ends between attachment straps and center the brace.

Fit the system on the patient.
a. Position Anterior Panel
b. Pull tab to create compression on patient
c. Mark the anterior panel position relative to the inside left panel. Remove the orthosis from the patient. Rivet the rigid anterior panel to the interior of left brace side panel using the supplied radiolucent medical rivets.

Note: female rivet parts exactly fit the predrilled holes in the anterior panels. Male rivet parts follow a simple pilot hole made by any type of punch or awl in the 1/8inch range. Alignment and compression of at least three rivets creates a stable attachment.

User Instructions:
Fasten the adjustment handle close to the pulley unit. The handle is always on the left. Stand and hold the brace by its side panels, parallel to the floor. Wrap the brace around the body; determine the best and most supportive vertical position. Pull slightly outward on side panels to maximize open position before using fabric fastener to close the front - right over left. Pull handle away from fabric and across the body, place it anywhere on fabric fastener strip to achieve desired support.

Treating Lordosis:
Lordotic pads are included for placement per indicated need.

For Maximum Effectiveness:
Before putting on the TriMod system, make sure the side panels are extended or pulled as far apart as possible. The handle should always be on the left. Always start with the handle near the pulley system. The TriMod frame must be centered on the spine. Experiment with adjustments by releasing or pulling the handle as you change position.

Hand wash in warm water, blot with a towel and air dry.

How to size.
Order based on waist measurement, from below.
Note: If there is a substantial difference between chest measurement and waist measurement (ie: 8" - 10"), choose 1 size larger to help compensate for a larger chest.

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