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Miami J Cervical Collar

Retail $115.95
Online Price $86.00

Originally introduced in 1991, Miami J set the standard against which all cervical collars are measured. Now, that standard is raised again with the introduction of the new Miami J collars. Only the Miami Collar family offers a complete and comprehensive approach to cervical spine immobilization, inhibition of skin breakdown, and patent comfort.
Remember, purchasing a set of replacement pads will allow you to wash your Miami J Pads and still be able to use your product.
Miami J L-Code -L 0174
Miami J Occian Back L-Code - L9900

Incorporates advanced pressure relieving IntuiTech viscoelastic foam materials. Attaches to any Miami J Front. Tested to eliminate pressure spikes. Perfect for C-Spine patients at a high risk of developing occipital breakdown.
The Occian collar Back is SOLD SEPARATELY.
Proper sizing is critical to achieve the best levels of comfort and immobilization. Miami J Cervical Collars are available in six adult sizes to insure correct fit.
Collar size is best determined by measuring the vertical distance between the top of the shoulder (Trapezius) and the tip of the chin, when the head is in the desired alignment. Whenever possible, fit the collar to a sitting or standing patient.
Alternatively, a quick size check can be performed by using your fingers to measure the chin-to-shoulder distance. On the collar, this measurement corresponds to the distance from the top of the VelcroŽ strip to the bottom edge of the collar plastic. The top edge of the VelcroŽ hook strip should not extend above the bottom of the chin. Note: With any of these techniques, if your measurements fall between two consecutive sizes, try the smaller size first.
No suggested manufacturer's indications. Call for more information.
How to size.
Determined by neck circumference and height, the height is measured as the vertical distance chin to shoulder.

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